Listeners, Leopard, Lookups, and Lots More

Wednesday, 31 October 2007
by rj
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Although I feel bad pushing the Shaggy Bigs Up video further down the page (sorry Muz), here is an update on recent releases in case you missed them: on OS X Leopard (beta)

Max has posted a build of the software which supposedly plays nice with Leopard, see this forum thread for the download link. Feedback appreciated from Leopard users (in that thread please!) so we can ‘officially’ release a Leopard build.

Listeners update: Just Listened

The ‘listeners’ section on artist/album/track pages now includes a healthy mix of people who are currently online and have just listened to the item in question. This makes for some interesting exploration.

Just Listened Example


If you’re worried about your ex-girlfriend stalking your profile to see when you’re online (you know who you are), then you can opt-out of realtime features from your privacy settings.


Norman has published a command-line fingerprint client which also returns some basic metadata, if we can identify the song.

The next fingerprint milestone will be releasing a build of the software that can fingerprint songs (expected in a couple of weeks time). Soon after that we’ll have enough data to publish the proper webservice, so it will be possible to give the fingerprint service a good work-out.

Needless to say we are all extremely excited at the prospect of finally fixing up the plethora of badly spelt artist and track titles on

Wiki Fact Tags

Artist wikis now support a few special ‘fact tags’ which allow you to markup certain important facts in artist biographies. This makes the facts easily extractable, hopefully without spoiling the readability whilst editing a wiki.

Example: Radiohead were formed in [placeformed]Oxfordshire, UK[/placeformed] in [yearformed]1986[/yearformed]….etc

Fact Tags Example

See more Artist Wiki Fact-tag examples

Admittedly we’re not doing anything especially interesting with this data yet apart from displaying it on the biography page – but the mad-scientist department at is itching to start adding this data into the mix to improve recommendations and radio.

One more thing…

We had a flood in the office :(

Another one more thing…

Jonty & Steve have started to test their brains an extra bit each day while at the same time having some much needed looking-away-from-your-monitors time by playing relaxing games of Go. You can see the outcome of this on the live GoCam in the right sidebar here on the blog.

The GoCam