Spot the difference

Monday, 15 October 2007
by anil
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What a week. From the moment Radiohead announced their plans for latest release ‘In Rainbows’ we’ve been itching to see how you, the listeners, would respond. We let our friends over at Drowned In Sound in on some early data after just 12 hours. Now that our weekly charts are compiled there’s not much else to say apart from “Wowzer”. Below you can see the global tracks chart for last week, and below that the official UK downloads chart for the same period. Spot the difference? global tracks chart - Week Ending Oct 14 global tracks chart for week ending October 14th

Official UK Downloads chart - Week Starting Oct 15

Official UK downloads chart – Week Starting October 15th

Scrobbling... From my ClemePod?

Monday, 15 October 2007
by tony
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It’s more likely than you think…

Here at Last.HQ, we get a wonderful weekly delivery of fruit, which seemingly takes about 4 weeks to ripen. That aside however, there are oft good things to be found in the boxes that arrive. They ship a little sheet along with the fruit too; though, we haven’t worked out yet whether this is to aide in the identification of said fruit, or just to subversively teach us that fruit is good.

While perusing the sheet of fruity goodness, we suddenly happened upon a here-to-undiscovered delight, and quickly set to testing it in our lab… The ClemePod.

Immediately, we thought that perhaps Apple had released a new Pod device, in the shape of a fruit, and had secretly shipped us a test batch to add experimental scrobbling support to. We grabbed some speakers and plugged it in to see if, despite the lack of user interface development, it would play…

To our delight, a hum came forth from the speakers. Unfortunately, as yet, our client team have been unable to decipher the interface, so scrobbling is likely to be impossible for the moment.

Watch this space for more ClemePod device updates.