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Monday, 3 September 2007
by hannahdonovan
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Yup, we’re hiring, and we pretty much need to fill all 17 positions. The following ones are the most critical, so consider these a jump to the top of the pile:

Why come to Well, first of all because we think it’s the place to be if you’re passionate about changing the world of music.

We’re not your regular web two-point-whatever company, and we never will be. We’re a passionate bunch of kids in East London that move and adapt quickly; what most people consider innovative is a standard day around here. We also have a singing microwave.

So what’s the catch? We get a lot of applications and reject most of them. (Also, most positions are only open to EU or work permit holders.) But the good news is: if you make it, you’ll be working alongside some pretty great people.

A look inside:

See all open positions

* Matt made me name this post after an old Leonard Cohen album. Dork.