Thank You Taggers!

Friday, 24 August 2007
by elias
filed under Lunch Table
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I love exploring tag radios. For example, this morning I woke up listening to wake up radio. Then I listened to breakfast radio. Now I’m listening to coffee break. I like how those tags aren’t limited to genres, and I enjoy wondering why something got tagged the way it did.

Our most popular tag radios include chillout and alternative rock but we got a lot more to offer. For example, have you ever tried fado tag radio? It’s improved a lot recently thanks to a new algorithm Norman developed.

However, all our algorithms wouldn’t work without your help. Everyday we receive lots of tags for lots of music. Thank you!! And special thanks to drsaunde, spacefish, and JessiCoplin who are our all time top taggers. Our top three staff taggers (Erik, Felix, and Mischa) are light years away from their contributions. But every tag counts!

Btw, do you tag music? What are your favourite tag radio stations?